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photo album
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1990 Redhook NY

With Bob on keyboard and niece Heather on clarinet

Bard College, 1994: Joel, Mischa Goldman, Harvey Kaiser, Kenny Kozol, Eddie Diehl

(L) June 1994, Hudson NY: Tibet Festival
(R)1994: Joel with Clara Aich

(L) Mischa Goldman and Joel, Tivoli NY, 1995              (R) December 10, 1995

(L) May 1996, Rhinecliff NY, Matthew Robbins and Joel (R) June 1996

July, 1996

1996 (L) Harvey Kaiser and Joel (R) Joe Berger, ?, Joel, and Eddie Diehl

                                    1996, Rich Syracuse, Joel, and Sandy Lomax

December 1997, Bard College

(L) August 1998, Bobby Johnson and Joel (R) October 1998

The Kansas City Sound

Photo by Clara Aich
, November 2000

In New York with Joey Berger

June 2001: Joel with Kenny Kozol

October, 2001, Kingston NY: Tim Bodt, Tatsuo Yamaguchi, and Joel

October, 2001: Elizabeth Zimmer

December 20, 2001

December 21, 2001, Los Angeles

December 22, 2001

(L) January 1, 2002, Saugerties NY: Susan Buck (R) January 1, 2002, Saugerties NY: Tatsuo Yamaguchi, Grace Bergin Bodt, Karl Easton

April 2002

(L) May 2002 (R) June 2002


July, 2002, New York

(L) Joel, Bob and Geoffrey, July 2002 (R) July 2002

Joel with Ros Katz (Harriet's mother), Joel Katz (Harriet's brother) and Ruth Katz (Harriet's aunt) July 2002

July, 2002 Ian Brandt, Eddie Diehl, and Joel

July, 2002: Bertha Hope and Joel

(L) August 2002 (R) September 2002 (not our dog)

(L) October 2002: Joel and Allen Hale (R) October 2002: Joel, Tatsuo Yamaguchi, Tim Bodt

October 2002

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