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photo album

Joe, Maggie, Bob, Joel, and Geoffrey O'Brien

(R) 1960

(L) 1960, "The Crucible" Great Neck South Senior High




Mark Dietrich, Margi Corey and Joel, Great Neck, early '60s

Joel in Richard Corey's room in great Neck (1962) recording old timey songs like "Leather Winged Bat" and "Roving Gambler"

(L) The Kingbees 1966 L to R: Dickie Frank, Joel O'Brien, John John McDuffy & Danny Kortchmar (R) The Kingbees 1966 L to R: Dickie, Danny, Joel and John John

The Kingbees at WMCA with Harry Harrison (2nd from left) and Joe O'Brien (2nd from right)

(L) The Flying Machine with James Taylor and Joel O'Brien shooting a documentary in 1967
(R) August 1967, The Flying Machine in the Bahamas, L to R James Taylor, Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar, Jerry Burnham, Joel in back

The Glitterhouse 1968

L to R: Moogy Klingman, Mike Gayle, Joel, Al, and Hank Aberle w / Bob Crewe (photographer Bob Gruen in mirror)


















Richard Corey and Bishop 1969 Red Hook

(L) James Taylor, Carole King, Jo Mama Tour 1971 
top row: Ralph Schuckett, middle row: Danny Kortchmar, Joel O'Brien  & James Taylor,
bottom row: Carole King and Lee Sklar

Danny Kortchmar and Joel




L.A. 1972. L-R: Joel, Ellie Wolf, Moogy Klingman, ?, Wendy Dytman, Patty Peck

The Striders, mid-1970s, Woodstock: ?, Joel O'Brien, Eric Hanigsberg, Gail Boggs, Josh Schneider, David Schwartz, Robbie Dupree 

Robbie Dupree with Joel and the Striders

With Kootch's dog and Joel's dog Skye

Los Angeles (JoMama period)

Sound Check for JoMama show (maybe Madison Sq. Garden NY?)

JoMama recording session (Kootch, Ralph Schuckett, Abigail Haness and Bishop

By Bob Gruen

Paintings By Richard Corey

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